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About us


  • 1Provide high quality internet service to our community, at a competitive rate and fast speeds.
  • 2Be the solution for all types of clients in Kahnawake, be it families, small businesses or major organizations. We strive to cater to all the internet needs of our community.
  • 3Bring the quality of service available to our community on par to the rest of the region.


Semper WiFi is a collaboration between U.S. Marine Corps veterans Jay Dearhouse, Parker Jacobs and network engineer Gary Jacobs. With the discipline and integrity that they were instilled with during their service they wish to be the best Internet Service Provider available to the community.

In 2014, Jay, Parker and Gary began talks of improving the ISP options in the community of Kahnawake, and how they could bridge that gap of the local services and that of the neighboring regions. Thus, Semper WiFi was conceived.

"Semper Fidelis" ("Always Faithful") is the motto of the Corps. And that is what Semper WiFi intends to be with their service, providing the data rates/speeds that you want and need.





  • Gary Jacobs

    CTO of Semper WiFi and owner at Mohawk Signal LLC is…

  • Jay Dearhouse

    Director of Semper WiFi is an expert in maintenance engineering,…

  • Parker Jacobs

    Chief Operating Officer of Semper WiFi is a subject matter expert…